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15 Watches Inspired by Auto Racing

The global worlds of watchmaking and automobile racing have shared a solid connection for many years, with racing and high-performance cars serving as a primary inspiration for watches often, including classic models...

Top 10 Affordable Watches for Men

From my blog, com, There is a great deal of discussion in what constitutes “affordable watches” and “affordable luxury” as it pertains to top watch brands. For me personally, it means pieces...

Which Watch Brands Spent the Most on Advertising in 2019?

Another way of measuring the watch ad explosion is the total amount necessary to make the set of Top 25 watch marketers that people print annually (the latest appears...

5 Mechanical Watches Under $1,000

it's the first rung on the ladder into a lifelong passion. Luckily, there are numerous mechanical watches on the marketplace costed under $1,000. I’ve reported on a genuine number of the watches...

Testing the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down

The A. outfitted with a prominent “abdominal/auf” power reserve screen, gets the restrained styling that the brand is well known. The power reserve is the Rodney Dangerfield of...

Longines Heritage 1973

The Longines Heritage 1973, black subdials on the silvered dial, Encircling the dial is a full minute group made up of fine black lines and a tachymeter level in...