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Testing the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down

The A. outfitted with a prominent “abdominal/auf” power reserve screen, gets the restrained styling that the brand is well known.

The power reserve is the Rodney Dangerfield of complications: it doesn’t get a lot of respect. Although it’s much less cool as a chronograph or as stunning as a moon-phase, it does provide essential information that is utilized every full day. In the past, depleted timekeepers may cost lives – think teach wrecks and lost boats. The consequences might not be as dire today, however they can be embarrassing and inconvenient. It’s nice to learn when the container’s getting low still.

The A. But it isn’t the first version of the watch. The initial was created from 1995 until 2007. The “1815” in the model name is the full year company founder Ferdinand A. Lange was created. Lange watches have offered power-reserve shows because the ongoing company acquired a patent for an early on version in 1879.

Lange 1815 Up/Down – angle
Regardless of the inspiration, Just a look at the dial shall tell those in the know that you’re putting on something special. However the look was created to inform, in conjunction with blued-steel hands that lengthen to their associated songs, assure excellent legibility during hours of sunlight. This timepiece, for a dress watch appropriately, offers no luminous materials to assist nighttime viewing.

Leading crystal is domed sapphire slightly. Behind it, the argenté-plated solid silver dial includes a countersunk center subtly. A pleasing is had by the dial’s finish, frosted texture.

A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down – front
therefore is the movement.
The full case measures a vintage 39 mm in diameter and it is 8.9 mm thick. That is from the original model’s 35 up.9 by 7.9 mm, Another difference – the Up/Down has a small lip where the bezel meets the full case; a nod to pocketwatch design also. The full case, which is completed to the highest standard, is polished fully, unlike the initial model, which featured a satin finish on the entire case music group and back again. The crown is size and easily grasped, though it fits tightly against the full case and is best pulled out from the bottom utilizing a fingernail. The winding feel is like butter (chat among yourselves), and establishing enough time provides light, easy feedback without play whatsoever. This is exactly what quality feels as though.

The 1815 Up/Down motion, known as Caliber L051.2,
This watch is very comfortable to wear. The affordable size and 77-gram weight render it notice able barely. The curved, low-mounted lugs assure a good fit. During our test, the watch remained did and put not slip around on the wrist.

A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down – side
Light-weight and vintage size lead to an appropriate fit.
The edges of the strap in particular are extremely well finished. The strap was only stiff from the package somewhat, and it softened up quickly. On my 7¾-in . wrist, the strap was within the next to last opening, ın the “focus on detail” department, the spring pubs are plated to complement the full case.

Not stamped. The buckle framework is not simple in form, but contains curves and angles that provide it an unique look. Lange reinforces the buckle framework with a supplementary cross member operating parallel to the spring pub. This strengthens the buckle, however in our experience, muscle memory space hates surprises.

The 1815 Up/Down movement, known as Caliber L051.2,

The buckle and strap are well-made and comfortable.

Otherwise, the motion keeps with Lange custom. And zinc. This metallic has a particular color, and as time passes the metallic oxidizes slowly, because the smooth metal scrapes easily. The sides of the plates are polished and chamfered, and the uncovered winding tires have what Lange phone calls a “solarized” finish, which is similar to a sunray finish but with curved than right lines emanating from the guts point rather. Jewels are occur polished platinum chatons that are secured with heat-treated blue screws highly.

When it comes to timekeeping, the 1815 Up/Down performed well extremely. At full blowing wind, 7 mere seconds.
A. Otto Lange, in 1940. And in Otto Lange’s day, it was found in slim pocketwatches.

Just like a fingerprint, although theme is the same even. Within Lange, Lange has six engravers presently, and their work may take in one hour for a little balance cock to a complete week for a good caseback. If you’d prefer to sign up for them, the apprenticeship continues 3 years, and patience and constant hands are essential.

This new 1815 Up/Down movement is not a re-heated L942 simply.1 – the caliber within the original model. The L051. so that it suits the new model’s larger case nicely, which is good to see always. (At the best price levels, a small movement in a big case is a significant corner cut fairly. ) The energy reserve increased, to 72 hours from the initial 45, and the jewel count number went from 27 to 29.

With regards to timekeeping, we conducted a complete of eight timing assessments. ) In the last test, the timekeeping was measured by us on the wrist.

Around the Witschi, the performance was checked by us at full wind, and after 24, 7 secs. İt was almost the same: 0.6 seconds. The best deviation of rate was 7.

Placing the watch in action improved its performance. İt was four mere seconds slow.

The watch was tested by us for 24 hours on the wrist, and,

While some may notice as a straightforward watch, and achieves, a good deal. The legibility is exceptional, It may be true that the easier a plain thing is, the simpler it is to master. We’re not stating the 1815 Up/Down is perfect simply, but it’s close.


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