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Why Richard Mille watches so expensive?

Shortly after, “yes!” he replied. “You need to understand these are extremely technical watches. But what do Mille suggest by “very technical”? The response, of course, is complicated, and explains why individuals are willing to spend the huge amount of money for a Richard Mille view.

Making a complete case for the case of Richard Mille watches
From the outset, when there have been only three metals found in case produce – white gold, reddish colored gold and titanium – there is minimal difference in the purchase price between your same watch in each one of the metals.

The sandwich-design Richard Mille view case is among the most difficult and costly to manufacture. Made up of three decks – front and back bezels, and also the middle section – each component is curved. There are no toned surfaces to create machining much easier and, what’s even more, the three curved areas have to fit jointly to within 100th of a millimetre to avoid moisture or dust getting into.
The usage of avant-garde, high-tech materials
The second component is that Mille provides started to make use of case and baseplate components that are normally found in such realms as Formulation 1 cars, in the industries beyond watchmaking even. Not only is the material or metal new when it comes to composition, the ability to utilize them in watchmaking is unknown.


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