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What Makes Rolex so Successful?

Reason #1: Fame

or Patek Philippe even. Fundamentally there are two Rolex customer groups – those that know a lot, and the ones who know hardly any. Aficionados buy Rolex because of its extremely high quality. They may be less thinking about extremely fine, complicated craftsmanship and only getting the best all-around watch out for daily wear. Additional Rolex clients don’t know very much about watches, just that Rolex may be the greatest. For them the principal motivator is usually this: if you’re likely to wear a wrist watch, it’s got to be considered a Rolex. Which is an enormous compliment for the maker – because if a good person who knows nothing at all about watches sights one particular brand as “NUMBER 1”, the business does something right.

Reason #2: Product quality

The foundation for Rolex’s success is its extremely high product quality extending over the countless years of its existence. Rolex watches show period accurately and so are robust, reliable and sturdy. Maintaining constantly top quality with approximated twelve-monthly production amounts of about three-quarters of a million items is an artwork unto itself. And it’s to Rolex’s benefit to omit unusual problems. No tourbillons are had by it, perpetual calendars or minute repeaters – not even movements with a big date display, power reserve alarm or indicator function. The company specializes in what it can best, and enhances the detail ongoing. That is accurate for the movements aswell for the case. You won’t look for a rotating bezel that ratchets therefore cleanly and smoothly just like the one on the Submariner or GMT-Grasp II from some of its rivals – even other high-end producers with a lot more expensive products.

Reason #3: Everything a wrist watch needs

The importance of the Rolex name is from the fact that the brand introduced progressive features quite in early stages which have produced the watch well-suited for everyday wear. In 1914 Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf submitted a wristwatch motion to the famous Kew-Teddington observatory for chronometer qualification. Today the chronometer check (currently carried out by the Swiss institute COSC) has turned into a regular for in-home mechanical Rolex calibers. In 1927 the first water-resistant wristwatch was launched and the automated winding system followed a year or two later – because to guarantee the water-resistance of a wrist watch, it shouldn’t become necessary to draw the crown each day. Both of these features are reflected in the merchandise name “Oyster Perpetual”, which decorates practically every Rolex. The Datejust, released in 1945, was the 1st watch to mix all three features – automated winding, water-resistant case and chronometer certificate. As well as its namesake date windows, it has all of the essentials.

Reason #4: Style and recognition

The circular form of a Rolex plays a part in its water-resistance and its own superior legibility. Existing collections are maintained and constantly improved over the years. This is backed by Rolex professional Percy Christian Schoeler, ” There are zero sudden style shifts or leaps, and even case sizes gradually are altered only very. Typical design features just like the grooved bezel, It’s why it is always simple to recognize a Rolex from a distance. Watch professional Gisbert L. Brunner phone calls this the “10-meter guideline” – and it’s not only the professionals who recognize them.

Reason #5: Balance in value

The moment you get a car, it drops in value by half. This simple truth is true to a smaller extent for watches – aside from Rolex. For the high-demand sport versions in stainless at least (though that is a stickier scenario for gold Oyster versions and the elegant gold Cellini watches) it’s feasible to get only a little less, or even more maybe, than the original price. That is an attractive stage for just about any customer – whether or not they are purchasing the watch for this specific reason or any additional. It’s reassuring to learn you’ve made a smart decision.


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