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The Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Limited Edition

When article writer, director, 000 meters in March 26, 2012, inside his submersible craft Deepsea Challenger safely, all the staying light disappeared. At 10, he landed on to the floor of the Challenger Deep softly, the deepest stage in the ocean, he could accumulate an example from underneath of the ocean. The Rolex Deepsea Problem, 000 meters,

Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh reached this true point with their underwater craft, Trieste. Then, as well, an experimental dive view from Rolex, the Deep Ocean Special, was mounted on the exterior of the pressurized chamber,

Neither view was ever produced. The Deep Sea Special was unwearable due to its enormous 35-mm thickness and domed virtually, semi-spherical crystal above the dial. The next version was smaller considerably. It was predicated on the progressive case framework released in 2008 for the mass-created Deepsea model, which includes pressure level of resistance to a depth of 3,900 meters.

The bracelet of the brand new Deepsea (right) no more protrudes above the lugs in comparison to its predecessor.
Rolex tinkered with a number of the smaller details also. the distance between your complete case and the bezel provides been reduced, which limits the quantity of dirt that may penetrate in to the watch. The circular luminous marker on the bezel isn’t as tall and can be, therefore, less vunerable to harm. The bracelet offers been redesigned to become more supple and comfortable.

High Pressure
But Rolex didn’t approach the nagging issue this way. Right from the start, the Deepsea engineers’ objective was to make a wearable view. which is quite comfortable to wear also.

This required a totally new redesign of the entire case structure – leading to the Rolex-created and patented “Ringlock System.” The system contains three components that absorb pressure: the 5.

The components are carefully decided on because of their extreme sturdiness and resilience to ensure that they don’t become distorted or break under great pressure. Biodur 108 is around 3 x more tension proof compared to the steel used for the entire case, and Quality 5 titanium – a titanium alloy with light weight aluminum and vanadium – is four times as strong. This complicated construction enables a case to be produced that is a lot more than 10 percent thinner when compared to a conventional one. The Deepsea is made for a water depth of 4 actually,900 meters,

Extended Use
Both bracelet and the entire case of the Deepsea are made from 904L steel, which Rolex phone calls “Oystersteel.” It really is more difficult to procedure but is less vunerable to saltwater corrosion compared to the 316L metal that is normally used for watches. As well as the 1. the Glidelock clasp includes a 1.8-cm extension piece. That is convenient because the bracelet could be lengthened when the temperature rises quickly. This mechanism can be utilized while wearing the watch on the wrist even.

Which aids in preventing damage. Sadly, the crystal displays light under some circumstances. But the color alter on the dial will not affect its legibility.

The hands are curved and slightly, therefore, don’t appear dark, The tactile hands and markers are constructed with gold, as may be the case with Rolex constantly. The look – with the “Mercedes” hands for the hours, the circular hour markers, What could be improved when it comes to functional or aesthetic design possibly?

The caseback is constructed of titanium.
The benefit for divers can be that drinking water absorbs long-wave light much better than short-wave light, therefore blue light is underwater easy and simple to see. The Deepsea includes a classic look, despite its traditional dial design. That is credited to its modern size, domed crystal, high-tech noticeable and bezel inner ring of the Ringlock System. The iconic Rolex text message on the dial continues to be a matter of flavor. There are five lines of text message on the lower fifty percent of the dial simply, in addition to the given information on the internal ring. But this doesn’t influence the successful development of this design.

New Caliber
As with the look, little improvement would have to be designed to the movement, but Rolex did a simple reworking of the caliber that had been known for its precision and sturdiness, Caliber 3135. In 2015, as well as the Datejust. With Caliber 3235, General, Rolex provides received a complete of 14 patents because of this caliber.

How does this advantage the wearer? Level of resistance to impacts and dependability are increased. The winding mechanism is better and builds quickly up its power reserve even more, due to the fresh ball-bearing oscillator primarily. Many of all, rolex has attained this through the use of a thinner barrel wall structure, which permits the usage of a longer mainspring, along with using its ground breaking Chronergy escapement, That is made possible by altered geometry and a skeletonized form that reduces its pounds. The light-weight escapement is notable because of its very much quieter ticking sound also.

Rolex Caliber 3235
Electroplating, and molding) and does not have any a reaction to magnetic fields. The new balance staff boosts magnetic field protection. The blue Parachrom hairspring created from a niobium-zirconium alloy is certainly familiar from various other models already, as may be the Paraflex shock absorber.

Although the brand new caliber functions beneath a good steel caseback, it really is decorated – with a sunburst finish on the skeletonized oscillator partially, and on the automated bridge,

Solid Rate Results
In 2015, Furthermore to chronometer qualification from the independent Swiss tests agency COSC, which checks the motion, A designed system that simulates actual wearing conditions is utilized specially.

Our test view achieved these ideals on the timing machine quickly. The common deviation measured of them costing only -0.7 seconds each day, and the best deviation was only 4 secs. When put on on the wrist, the watch showed just slight losses or benefits, so on average, this resulted in no deviation virtually.

Because of its high amount of wearing convenience, the Deepsea D-Blue functions as an outstanding watch out for daily put on, which is quite unexpected for this intensive model. And the purchase price? It’s $12,550 – quite high for a metal sports watch. 550 – that is a hefty difference. Weighed against the revised Sea-Dweller recently, which is water-resistant to at least one 1,220 meters with the brand new movement and a cost of $11,350, the excess cost is less visible. Overall, the cost of the Deepsea is normally fair.

Whether you’re ready to spend $300 even more for the D-Blue that people tested more than the Deepsea with a dark dial is merely a matter of specific taste. Inside our opinion, the blue version offers greater character that sets it from the other Rolex dive watches aside. Revision was an excellent advantage because of this watch. More constant proportions and the bigger power reserve may motivate you to dive into better adventures.


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