Which Watch Brands Spent the Most on Advertising in 2019?


Another way of measuring the watch ad explosion is the total amount necessary to make the set of Top 25 watch marketers that people print annually (the latest appears in WatchTime’s July-August 2015 concern). In 2019, a brandname had to invest $5.1 million to help make the list. (Zenith spent $5.01 million and missed the cut just.) In 2013, $4.66 million got you in to the Top 25. In 2012, Casio managed to get with $3.64 million. You’d only reach #39 with this amount in 2019. All informed, 71 brands spent more than $1 million on watch advertising in 2019, from 60 2 yrs ago up.

Any longer. Tudor boosted its ad obtain $8.0 Million this past year and remained smack-dab at #12.

Seiko fell from the top 10 despite upping its advertisement spend by almost $4 mil.
Rolex was the largest watch advertiser in 2019. The best story near the top of the chart was Omega, 49 million from slightly below $23 million the prior year to place itself solidly in third put on the list, well before #4 Cartier ($25.45 million).


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